Bing Translate – OY!

I can’t imagine taking some text, clicking on an automatic translation service and then just using the text that was automatically generated without going over it (or having someone who knows the target language go over it). Yet there are obviously many who don’t have any qualms about this procedure.

I came across two “translations” on FaceBook lately, and I will share them with you.

The first was for Furry Visitors Israel – כלבי ליטוף

The Hebrew:

יש לכם כלב/ה חברותיים? רוצים לעשות שמח לקשישים? זה הזמן! הגיעו עם כלבכך לשעה אחת בשבוע איתם לאחד מבתי האבות הקרובים לביתכם…. למידע נוסף והרשמה כתבו פה.
The hilarious Bing translation:
You have a dog, the sociable? Want to do happy people? This is the time! Came with chlbchch one hour a week with one of the related nursing home. For more information and registration, please contact here. (Translated by Bing)
My ‘comment’:
Do you have a friendly dog? Would you like to make some seniors happy? Now’s the time. Bring your dog for one hour a week to one of the Nursing Homes (Seniors’ Homes) near you. For more information, and to sign up, leave a message here.

The second was posted today on the page of “The Association of Blind (Visually Impaired) Assisted by Guide Dogs.”

The Hebrew:

ובאותו הקשר של הכתבה-
חוק איסור הפליית עוורים הנעזרים בכלבי נחיה – התשנ”ג-1993
1. “מקום ציבורי”- כל מקום הפתוח לקהל הרחב ללא יוצא מהכלל.
2. עובדת היותו של עוור מלווה בכלב נחיה, לא תשמש כשלעצמה עילה לאי העסקתו במשרה כלשהי.
3. לא תוגבל זכותו של עוור להיכנס למקום ציבורי ולהשתמש בכל מיתקן המצוי בו, ולא תוגבל זכותו להשתמש בתחבורה ציבורית בשל היותו מלווה בכלב נחיה.
4. העובר על הוראה מהוראות חוק זה, דינו- קנס.נתקבל בכנסת ביום כ”ו בטבת התשנ”ג (19 בינואר 1993)

The hilarious/pitiful translation that was generated by Bing that was actually posted is:
(I have colored the text that I found especially amusing.)
In the same context of the story-prohibition hpliith blind התשנ”ג 1993 for nhia tenement-1. “Public place”-open to all without exception.
2. works of being blinded by a dog, not used by itself for nhia not his job.
3. not to be limited to the right of the public to get blinded and use any facility therein, and not be limited to the right to use public transport because it is accompanied by a dog nhia.
4. that the provision of this law, Dino-fine.The Knesset was a day of TEVET, כ”ו התשנ”ג (19 January 1993)

My translation
In the context of the article: The law prohibiting discrimination against blind people assisted by guide dogs – 5753 (1993) states:
1) “Public place” – any place that is open to the general public, without exception.
2) The fact that the candidate is assisted by a guide dog shall not be the reason for refusing employment for any position.
3) A blind person shall not have his/her right to enter any public place limited, nor to use any of the facilities therein; not shall they be refused the right to use any public transportation due to the fact that they are accompanied by a guide dog.
4) Violators to the above can expect to be fined.
( Passed by the Knesset, 19 January 1993)
Apparently, Bing “offers” the translation service automatically. Wow… “specials” like that…