Funny en français

I can’t pass up funny stuff, even if I don’t understand it. So I will still post this, and explain why the translations are so funny (thank you to my good friend, El). (It’s a quick re-post of our Skype chat, with some editing.)

This is the link to a blog with some translation boo boos (i.e. fails) in Quebec.

If I had more time, I would copy the photos directly into the blog. For the present, you will just have to open the link in a new window and scroll along.

Following are the explanations (for you who do not speak French).

  1. Grosses assorties simply doesn’t make sense.  Jumbo assorted should be translated as format grand assorties or something like that. Grosse just means really really big.
  2. The next one is kind of an amalgamation of English and French which only makes sense in English. In French it would be: Petites bouchées, grands compliments. The 2nd one isn’t really meant to be a French xlation… it’s like saying “tres good”…
  3. Beef liver bites, which sounds like a liver with teeth, should be morceaux, not morsures.
  4.  For the nut and wheat free one, écrou doesn’t mean nuts. Nuts are noix. Ecrou is a hardware nut, not an edible nut.
  5. With the travel pillow, it’s actually obscene. Fourrer is slang for f**k in Quebec. So literally it says: “F**k the pocket with your clothes to get a pillow.”
  6. For the disney plate, coffre-fort is a safe that you would keep valuables in. Not an adjective. That would be sauf or something like that.
  7.  The beach one simply doesn’t make sense. Effectuer means to carry something out as in carrying out the order of the king. Not carrying something in your arms.There would be a better way to say that, along the lines of “don’t leave anything behind you”.”Portez dedans, portez dehors” or “en retour.
  8. First of all, we don’t say “sur les rochers” for on the rocks. It’s “sur glâce“. And jouir, while technically meaning “to enjoy” also means “to have an orgasm”: Un nouveau façon for aimer sur glâce. Or boire, instead of aimer.  But what’s here is totally stupid.
  9. The vegetarian one, is cute. Vegetables are participating in it.
  10. Poussin means a chick as in a hatchling. Pois chiches .
  11.  Preservatif is a  preservative. It should be concombre conservé.
  12. For the pepper,  con cassée should be concassée or écrasée.
  13. Low fat is faible en gras, not gros.
  14.  The popcorn is untranslatable. It means The flavour of very butter. Plus de saveur de beurre would fit.
  15. Polish sausage. Ha ha ha! That’s a verb. Like to polish the silverware. It should be saucisse polonaise.
  16. The next one says: mini bike made from a Chinese woman. It should say: fait en Chine.