Another ITA conference over… and I was a speaker!

The annual ITA (Israel Translators Association) conferences have always been one of the highlights of the year for me. There are always plenty of interesting lectures to listen to, and it’s fun renewing and making new acquaintances.

This year’s conference was no less enlightening, except for one difference. I was one of the presenters! I offered to share the (little bit of) knowledge I have about a couple of nifty software programs that I enjoy  using.

My first idea was to present Paymo ( but realized that I didn’t need the entire allotted time of 30 min just for that, so I added Memsource, and then Stretch Break. And because I’ve just started exploring Scrivener, I mentioned that too. I have been asked to write a blog about the programs (i.e. to do my presentation “as a blog”), and I’ll do that later. Here, I’d just like to talk about the preparations.

I had the idea that I could just stand up and “do it live” in front of the audience, but then I was afraid of computer glitches, or even worse, internet failure, and also a lot of dead “air time.” So I decided to record my actions and put them as video clips into a power point presentation.

Now, I, unfortunately, didn’t TIME myself to see how long it would take me to make up the demo, but I can say it was in the range of HOURS! and HOURS. I realize why it takes 3 years to film an hour-and-a-half movie! And after I had the films cut down nicely, and I practiced with one of my “guinea pigs,” I was told that it wasn’t good that people could see the names of some of my clients. So I had to go and redo them. Of course, by this time I knew the exact sequence I needed, so at least it went quicker.

By the way, I used the program “Screen Recorder” to capture my screen.

I went through a long complicated process preparing screen shots: Prtscr -> paste into Paint -> save as. And then go into power point -> add file -> and find the file where I’d saved it. After doing it this way umpteen times, I realized all I had to do was to Prtscr -> paste into the power point page.

The same with clips. Sometimes I realized they were too long or needed bits cut out. So I opened them again in Movie Maker and started again with the editing, and then saving and then publishing as movie. Until I realized that Power Point offers a “trim video” option. And if I needed to cut out bits in the middle, I simply could duplicate the slide, and then trim the first one back, and the second one from the beginning, and just click to make the slides start one after the other.

On the whole, I enjoy doing PPPs. I love fooling with the animations and stuff. So it was quite a learning experience.

Just a pity it took soooooo long!