Shakespearean Bones

The Milton paper is done and submitted (over a week already) and I was challenged by a friend to write a “Shakespearean sonnet” about my dogs’ bones (the kind they chew, not the ones inside them).

You can read it here.

Milton’s Paper

Well, actually MY paper on Milton. I’ve decided to write on “Milton’s Influence on Popular Culture” and this has led me to some interesting stuff.

Did you know that Mary Shelley was very inspired by Milton and used him in Frankenstein? And ditto Phillip Pullman in His Dark Materials? I’ve read them both (working on my 2nd book in the Pullman trilogy at the moment). I’ve also watched The Devil’s Advocate (great movie) and Deconstructing Harry (Woody Allen…need I say more?). Animal House has a great scene that mentions Milton.

In case you are not aware, if you can memorize Milton’s most famous line: “Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven,” and use it somewhere, you, too, can claim to be “highly” influenced by Milton!

As usual, I have accumulated a lot of info which I now have to “trim” (read “slash like crazy”) into a succinct 10 pages. It was due Sept. 1, but I asked (and got) an extension (no new deadline specified), and now it turns out that Bar Ilan, due to summer war, has extended the deadline for all take-home exams and papers to Jan. 1 2015. Which I WON’T take advantage of. This paper gets submitted SOON.

Meanwhile, I’ve been inspired (again) a bit my Milton (note iambic pentameter… sort of.)


Oh! This final paper, its rampant thoughts
On Milton’s influence on works and films
Continues into far eternity
That stretches far. When will my paper see
Its end? Finalized with MLA style.
But seeming now too many pages that
I must make more concise – or fear the rage
Of prof who must read  much more than he wants,
And tearing hair will fling my work away
“An F for you,” he’ll cry. It stinks! So there.