How to do a FACEBOOK-style “temporary profile picture” with an overlay.

  1. Open up a new word document.
  2.  Click “Insert” -> picture and find the profile picture that you want to use as the base picture. (When it is in the document, crop it, if desired.)
  3. Now you will create the overlay. First make sure the image you want for the overlay is saved on your computer where you can find it.
  4. In the word document : “Insert” -> “Shape” … choose the rectangle and make it the size you need (although you can adjust it later).
  5. Right click on the rectangle. Click on “Format Shape” (at the bottom of the list) and then when the window opens, click on “Fill” (at the top of the new list.) Use “Picture or Texture Fill” and then “File” and locate the image you saved on your computer. This will fill the shape with your picture. At the bottom of the window, adjust “Transparency” to about 70%. Click on “Close.”
  6. Drag the “transparency” over the base picture. (If it drags “underneath,” click on “Picture Tools” tab and then on “Bring Forward.”
  7. Now you need to merge them into one combined image: Holding the control button, click on one and then the other so that you see you have  chosen them both. Under the “Picture Tools” tab, click on “Group” (all the way over to the right).
  8. Right click and choose “copy” to copy this to your clipboard (or simply click on it and do control+c).
  9. Open up a picture editing program (such as Paint).  Click on “paste” to insert the picture, and then save it. (This is the only way I know of to save an image made in WORD as a jpg. If you know of an easier way without having to use another app, please let me know.)

Note, to use an  image you found on the internet (e.g. a flag) go to the page with the image, right click on the image, “save as” and save it somewhere in your computer where you can find it again.

You now have a picture that can look like this:

kenya portrait


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  1. Miryam Blum Says:

    Thank you!

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