Something to brag about – A Confession

Gila Almagor

Yesterday (Friday January 12th, 2018) was the world premiere screening of a film about the great Israeli actress Gila Almagor.

I am proud to say that my English translation of the poem “Confessions” (Vidu’i) by  renowned Israeli-Russian poet Alexander Penn was chosen for the subtitles when she (Ms. Almagor) sang the song in the film.

My name appeared in the credits (Translation to Engish of “Confessions” – Linda Yechiel).

Because the screening was for a Hebrew-speaking audience, the subtitles in the version we saw were NOT in Hebrew. That is for editions that will distributed for foreign audiences.

What I’m not proud to say, and must confess, is that I didn’t have the presence of mind to actually film my name rolling up the screen. (Eyes rolling.) But I have to say, it was a thrill!