Where Have Two Years Flown? – Published Again.

Oh… I know… they have been washed out and upstaged by Covid19.

But one of the nice things about being a translator/editor is that you work from home. So I have been keeping pretty busy. Mostly academic stuff (especially mathematics education and the sort, plus a gamut of other interesting topics, such as Underwater Autonomous Navigation, aspects of Palestinian-Arab women’s life in Israel and how they cope with various difficulties, how kids teach dance on Tik Tok, how parents deal with terminally ill children (this was tough to do, emotion-wise), various aspects of Hebrew children’s literature. Also “on the menu” were a White Paper on overcoming climate change, a couple of autobiographies for the authors’ posterity, short stories for children, chapters in various novels (these, usually, were meant for presentation at annual book fairs), a “trilogy” curriculum series about how to use play with preschoolers who are on the spectrum, and I’m sure a whole bunch more that I’ve forgotten.

Presently, I am working on a “self-help” philosophical book about finding one’s path in life. Of course, I am always bound by NDAs (non-disclosure agreements), but hopefully, not long in the future, I will be able to display another BRAG book on my BRAG shelf.

Speaking of BRAG. Another one of my translations was published. Eight Lessons on Infinity by Haim Shapira, is there on Amazon. Here is my name, right there on the Acknowledgements page.

Well, there you have a very quick summary of what’s been keeping me busy.

Stay healthy, stay warm, stay happy!

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