Books Translated – All translations from Hebrew into English.

(Note: When covers shown are in Hebrew, the English version had not yet been published.)


Ratio and Proportion, David Ben-Chaim, Yaffa Keret and Bat-Sheva Ilany. (Not credited).  March 2012

Ratio and proportion


Entropy – God’s Dice Game, Oded Kafri and Hava Kafri. (Not Credited). October 2012.



Gaya’s Birds, Orah Dickerman (Awaiting publication). November 2012.

gaya dickerman


Amazing Tales from the Magic Wood and … Famous Problems of Mathematics. Elli Shore, Clara Ziskin (in publication). November 2013. English version published November 2016, Austin MaCauley, UK.

Magic Wood  themagicwoodcoverchange-and-invariance-ackn


The Legend of the Sun, The Legend of the Moon. Tsafi Edelman (never published). November 2013/April 2014

edelman moon edelman sun


The Treasures of the Winning Couple, Dr. Merav Tal-Margalit, Judith Spanglet (in publication). November 2014. (Includes rewriting “chants” into rhymes.)

winning couple spanglet


King Solomon’s Tiger, Shlomit Cohen-Assif (Awaiting publication, ITHL). November 2014.



The Princess and the Real Loaf of Bread, Dan Huppert (in publication). April 2015.

Real Bread Huppert


Darwin on the Tel Aviv Freeway, Smadar Reisfeld. (Selected chapters as part of the requirements for my Masters’ Degree in Literary Translation, Bar Ilan University, October 2015. In publication.)



Homeward  from the Steppes of the Sun, Uri Orlev, for the Institute for the Translation of Hebrew Literature. October 2015. Presently undergoing copy editing prior to publication.



My Husband’s Away (temporary title), Merav Halperin, for the  Institute for the Translation of Hebrew Literature (THL). 2015. (Awaiting publication.)



“שימור ושינוי. תובנות אלגבריות בעולם המספרים והצורות”, Ilya Sinitsky and Bat Sheva Ilany. 2015

[Invariance and Change, Algebraic Insights in the World of Numbers and Shapes]. English version published October, 2016, Sense Publishing, UK.











The Bell Maiden, Nava Semel. (2016). Awaiting publication.









It’s Hard to Be a Lion, Uri Orlev  for the Institute for the Translation of Hebrew Literature. 2016. Presently undergoing copy editing prior to publication.










Purple Feather, Hanoch Piven. (Awaiting publication)




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  1. Back to Blogging … where I get back (I hope) to some regular “creative” blogging | Yips&Howls's Blog Says:

    […] Work-wise things are busy enough. I am still what is regarded as an esek ptor (business who doesn’t have to add VAT to their prices) because the volume of my invoices is below a certain amount. Happily to say, I am running pretty close to “that amount” and this is mainly due to three “book deals” that I have. One (recently finished) is actually “literary translation” and is a translation of a book by well-known Israeli author Uri Orlev. The book I translated is called Homeward from the Steppes of the Sun. Also, I am now working on an Israeli bestseller entitled Ba’ali lo ba’Bayit (My Husband Isn’t Home – although the English title may change) by Meirav Halperin. Waiting in the wings is a 400-plus page book on teaching mathematics. My main fare is academic articles. I’ve got three underway at the moment, however there are some other books I have done, and they are listed here. […]

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