Below are just a few of the letters of  thanks that I have received from clients.


Recommendation regarding the work of translator and editor Ms. Linda Yechiel (exerpts and translated)

I and some of my colleagues make use of the services of Ms. Yechiel for translation into English and the editing of articles.  …

I would like to point out how satisfied I am … from her work, which is always performed with complete professionalism, so that the product that is received is more than a simple translation, but one that has been translated and edited with her complete involvement, that includes constructive criticism which, for the most part, leads to a significant improvement in the quality of the text.

Papers that have been submitted to world-class journals after being translated and/or edited by her, are, for the most part, accepted immediately, and do not receive any feedback from the journal regarding the level of English or the formatting required for publication.

There are two other points that I would like to point out: 1) Linda delivers on time; 2) She is easy to talk to and willing to communicate.

Prof. D. Ben-Haim (Haifa Technion).  (see the original letter in Hebrew here)


* * * * *

Excerpt (translated) from a Professor of Hebrew Literature


I have been using Linda’s services since 2011 when she translated a paper [in the field if Israeli literature]. This was a paper that had already been translated and rejected a number of times from important journals. After Linda translated and edit the paper,  it was immediately accepted by a Canadian journal without any requests for corrections or other changes.

She translates an average of two papers a year for me. These are academic articles that are peer-reviewed on international platforms and having them accepted for publication is dependent on the quality of translation no less than that of the writer. I will point out that the field is [specific area of Israeli literature], which provides a definite challenge to the translator who must be able to research the area to understand the historical and literary significance of the concepts and familiarity with the proper method of transcribing Hebrew names of writers, books, and journals into English.

Linda Yechiel is dedicated to the fullest. She is pedantic and caring and has a broad intellectual curiosity that  allows her to translate texts while understanding the significance of the words, thus avoiding errors, and contributing to improving the original texts to an even higher level. In addition, she is well-informed regarding the makeup and requirements of academic articles — abstracts, endnotes and footnotes, bibliography and references. During our collaboration, I learned much in this area from her.

During our collaboration, I became aware of her impressive sensitivity to the written word, which brought her to identify pitfalls regarding my theories or claims. This sensitivity led to articles that were clearer and more understandable. For this reason, when I entrust one of my articles into Linda’s hands, I am sure that it will receive quality care and will be returned professionally  translated and of the highest quality.

Sincerely yours,

[Dr. XXX, Head of the Department of Literature]

* * * * *

April 2015, From the Institute for the Translation of Israeli Literature

Dear Linda,

I am glad to inform you that we are very pleased with your sample translation. According to our evaluator, “the tone is right, the story flows, there are no linguistic oddities that one stops at, no places where one feels it has been translated.”

I congratulate you for that!

On our previous emails you mentioned that you would only be able to start working after you finish your thesis, …

At the end of August 2011, I completed a year-long project: the translating, editing and formatting of a 300-page book in the field of mathematical pedagogy. Here are (unsolicited) letters I received from two of the authors, Prof. D.B-H and Dr. Y.K, of the Haifa Technion.

עוד מכתב בעברית פה:

Hi Linda,

The manuscript has been sent to the publishers, but I do not intend that this is the end of our work together,  . . .  I am sure that we will need you for the next phase of the book whatever it will be. Don’t think that I will release you so quickly . . . .

The book turned out far better than I anticipated!!! You cannot imagine, how pleased I am that we got you to translate and edit the book, with all your patience to check everything to the last letter, comma and dot. . . .I am sure that your work resulted in our book being much better with your comments and questions. Thank you for that.

I will definitely recommend you to my colleagues.


שלום לינדה,
בהתרגשות רבה התחלתי לקרוא את הגירסה הסופית של התרגום לספר שלנו.
עשית עבודה נפלאה ואני מלאת הערכה לעבודתך המקצועית, המדויקת והאינטליגנטית.
הצלחת לתרגם לאנגלית, שפה מתמטית ומקצועית לא קלה ויתרה מזאת, הצלחת להעביר גם את האוירה והכוונה שלנו כמחברים, עד כדי כך שאני מרגישה “כאילו” כתבתי בעצמי את הדברים באנגלית. 
את עושה את עבודתך במסירות ובנאמנות רבה, כל זאת בדרכי נועם, ללא התנשאות ובהתחשבות מירבית בדעת המחברים.  
כל הכבוד וישר כוח !!!
בברכה ולהתראות
דר. י.ק
(Translation: Dear Linda, With great anticipation I read the final version of the translation of our book. You did wonderful work and I am really appreciate your professional, exact and intelligent work. You succeeded in translating difficult technical, mathematical language into English, and even more so, you succeeded in translating our style and intention as authors, to the point that I almost feel that I, myself, wrote the text in English. You do your work with dedication and devotion, yet you were never condescending and paid utmost consideration to the opinions of the authors. Well done!)

From EB, a scholar of Hebrew literature (April 2011)

ללינדה היקרה שלום רב, אני מצרפת את המאמר, לאחר סיבוב העריכה שלי.

חלק מן הדברים נפתרו אך יש עדיין שאלות וסוגיות לא פתורות. ככל שמתקדמים ה”רזולוציה” של השאלות גדלה… בכל מקרה אני מאד מעריכה את עבודתך המקצועית ואת מסירותך. נדהמתי מהיכולת שלך לשאול שאלות משמעותיות על נושא חדש לך….

(Translation: Dear Linda. I am attaching the article after the latest round of review. Some of the problems have been solved, but there are still some matters that need resolving. The more that one progresses, the “resolution” of the question gets larger. ..

At any rate, I really appreciate your professionalism and dedication. I was amazed at your ability to ask pertinent questions on a topic that was totally unfamiliar to you. …)

From D, a PhD candidate:

Dear Linda

I much appreciate your work and effort. I think that without your help I would not have been able to conclude the thesis as quickly, and quite likely would still be struggling with converging the document towards a conclusion.  The interaction itself has much contributed to keeping pace, and getting it done, something that goes much beyond the editing help itself.

The cost is higher than I anticipated… I think for our next project, it will be important to make the hours you accumulate visible to me, … so I can know when we are… close to reaching the limit…although I don’t know right now what I would have done with that knowledge. (My emphasis.)

The most important thing is that with your help I managed to complete the thesis write-up — and the feeling to be there is quite indescribable. Once I find work, the difference in cost will hopefully be quite insignificant.

From E, a scholar of Hebrew literature:

לינדה יקרה –
אין בפי מספיק מלים כדי להודות לך על עבודתך היסודית.
הגישה שלך בהחלט נראית לי – לא לתרגם מילה במילה, להבין את ההגיון של הדברים, לתת לטקסט אופי “אנגלי”. כל זה פשוט מה שקיוויתי לו !!!

(Translation: Dear Linda, I cannot begin to express my thanks for your thorough editing. Your approach is perfect –  not translating word for word, but understanding the essence of the words and then giving the text an English nuance. This is exactly what I was hoping for.)

From S, a worker in an organization dedicated to animal rescue:

לינדה שלום. תודה על התרגום! אני לא נמצא במקום שממנו היה ראוי להחמיא, אבל אני חייב להגיד שמאד אהבתי את הסגנון שלך.

(Translation: Hi Linda, Thank you for the translation. I’m not really the person whose place it is to evaluate [compliment] you on your work, but I must say that I really liked your style.)

From T, a colleague:

Wow! Linda, you’ve done a marvelous job.

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