Yup, I have it here in my hands. A complimentary preview copy of

House on Endless Waters by Emuna Alon. To be released Jan 2020.

house on endless watershouse-on-endless-waters--back

And not only that, the publishers are recommending it for a Mann-Booker International Prize! Woo ha.

Here is some email dialog:

Dear Linda,

… I’m pleased to introduce myself to you today via e-mail as the acquiring editor of UK rights to publish Emuna Elon’s beautiful HOUSE ON ENDLESS WATERS. We are submitting this singular novel for consideration for the International Booker Prize,

… congratulations on having done a truly superb job; it’s rare to read such a natural, beautifully written piece of translated fiction and thanks to you (and the late Mr Berris) the English-reading world will have the opportunity to do so as well.

Dear Kate,

Thank you so much for your lovely words.

I cannot express how wonderful it was working on the book that swept me away in its beauty. I am glad to think that perhaps the translation offers readers in English an experience that comes close to the original.  …

Dear Linda,

… I’m unsurprised you were swept away in this book’s beauty whilst working; it’s stayed with me and all who’ve read it here so your sensitivity to the original must be first rate. Thank you!, Kate

Well, a recommendation is a long, long way from long-lists or short-lists…and I am not spending the prize money yet, but even just the thought makes me smile in my sleep.

PS. To those who are wondering about the “co-translator”… Mr. Berris began the translation but got sick and couldn’t continue, so I took over.







Something to brag about – A Confession

Gila Almagor

Yesterday (Friday January 12th, 2018) was the world premiere screening of a film about the great Israeli actress Gila Almagor.

I am proud to say that my English translation of the poem “Confessions” (Vidu’i) by  renowned Israeli-Russian poet Alexander Penn was chosen for the subtitles when she (Ms. Almagor) sang the song in the film.

My name appeared in the credits (Translation to Engish of “Confessions” – Linda Yechiel).

Because the screening was for a Hebrew-speaking audience, the subtitles in the version we saw were NOT in Hebrew. That is for editions that will distributed for foreign audiences.

What I’m not proud to say, and must confess, is that I didn’t have the presence of mind to actually film my name rolling up the screen. (Eyes rolling.) But I have to say, it was a thrill!

Updating a bit – MA

13502102_10154222873603150_8200564622458086649_nA notice of a new post went out, but clicking on it led to a “dead page.” The post was a mistake, obviously. I have been updating and rearranging this blog today (mostly moving a lot of my creative writing over to its own “page.”

However, if I’m already updating (which I haven’t done in way too long!), I am happy to announce that I received my MA in English Literature and Literary Translation from Bar Ilan University (magna cum laude).

The program (Literary Translation, under the direction of Evan Fallenberg) was a “first” and I was one of eight students in the first class. I believe only 4 graduated that particular program.

I actually finished the degree at the end of the 2014-2015 academic year, but the ceremony was just this July.


Blurry pic of me in my robe. There were no mortarboards for the graduates.


This post is really late in coming. But I am happy to inform my followers that I have started studying for my MA in English Literature with a Focus on Translation (that’s the actual name of the program!) at Bar Ilan University.

I have so much to think about and so much to say, but really no TIME to make a decent job of posting.

There is no question in my mind that the quality of my editing and translating will improve as the program continues. During the course of my studies, I will be adding insights and thoughts about my studies.

Hope you enjoy!

The Adventures of Bobo

A story (true!) about a sweet little boy (my son!) who gives a little toy a new home!

(Written by yours truly in 1991!)

I scanned and digitally enhanced a story book I wrote in 1991 about Oded and Bobo.

Below is the “scrolled” version.

Bobo has long since disintegrated.

BoboBook 002

BoboBook 003a

BoboBook 004a

BoboBook 005a

BoboBook 006a

BoboBook 007a

BoboBook 008a

BoboBook 009a

BoboBook 010a

BoboBook 011

Hello world!

Hello world

Hello English lovers, English craftspeople (i.e. editors, writers and translators), and English customers (students of English and those in need of English craftspeople.) There will be something for everyone on this blog.

Who I Am

I am Linda Yechiel. I live in Israel with my family, 2 dogs and one cat.

I have a B.Sc. (University of Toronto) in Environmental Studies.

I have diplomas from (in reverse order)

  • Bar Ilan – Teaching translation
  • Beit Berl – English editing
  • Helen Doron English – Teaching English as a second language
  • Bayit College – Furniture design
  • Ahad l’Ahad – Computer graphics
  • ORT Careers – Designing show windows
  • The Institute for Graphics and Illustration – Graphics and illustration
  • Ontario College of Art – Graphics and prerequisites for Medical Illustration (2-years, no diploma)

I have work experience in

  • editing (English)
  • translating (Hebrew to English)
  • writing (pedagogical and How-to features in newspapers)
  • technical writing (Tadiran)
  • teaching English
  • kitchen. bathroom, and storage design
  • window dressing

Some of my interests include

  • dogs: rescue, agility, canine freestyle, clicker training
  • the Israel Guide Dog Center for the Blind
  • reading (anything and everything; not a day goes by without some book)
  • knitting, sewing and other textile arts
  • crafts
  • cooking (if I’m in the mood)
  • illustrating children’s books

You can contact me at

  • 052-5119787 (972-52-5119787)