Translation Fails!


Poor coconut. Can’t go out tonight and have fun with his friends.



This looks to me like something “Bing” would do.



“bilvad” means “only” actually. Never mind. Maybe the place isn’t that popular. Or maybe the fish are afraid of people.
Thanks to L.L. who shot this at “Hamei Yoav”.

big savings

Not really a translation fail, but certainly a brain fail.


“meurav” in Hebrew means “mixed”… or also “involved”


It should really be “route” but I suppose “road” would be acceptable. Well, “rode” DOES sound like “road”… close enough!


After you’ve been received, then you pay, and then you go to get your receipt. Very efficient! Copyright Debbie Gold Hadar.


I seem to recall seeing this a while back and people commented that it was a photoshop affair. On the other hand… you never know.

A whole bunch more here .

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    Cool Blog!!!!

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