Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Twisted Canary.

*** A creative writing assignment. A combination of two classes that I took: American Drama and Contemporary Literary theory. In the former, we discussed the play, A Jury of Her Peers by Susan Glaspell. In the latter, we discussed various literary theories using the writings of Conan-Doyle as a point of departure. So I started to think: how would have Conan-Doyle dealt with the story told by Glaspell. (The footnotes indicate actual quotes from SH stories.)

dead canary

Read it all here: The Adventure of the Twisted Canary



Choosing a Poet

I’ve never been much
for poets, or words
arranged in some way
to express what they say.

To listen for symbols
or grasp something obscure,
is it deep down inside
they have something to hide?

And though I’m lost in a sea,
of strange waves and strange lines,
Amongst millions I find,
I must make up my mind.

So poet, who are you
whose thoughts will I see through?


(*Written for class 727.)

Some great feedback

From the Institute for the Translation of Israeli Literature

Dear Linda,

I am glad to inform you that we are very pleased with your sample translation. According to our evaluator, “the tone is right, the story flows, there are no linguistic oddities that one stops at, no places where one feels it has been translated.”

I congratulate you for that!

On our previous emails you mentioned that you would only be able to start working after you finish your thesis, …

A Scary Bathroom.

Another piece from my creative writing class. We had to choose three pieces to revise and I thought that my original bathroom piece wasn’t scary enough.  Read it (and the original) here. Note I’ve used 2nd-person point of view.


The Sweater. A-scent memory piece from my Creative Writing 450 class.

A SCENT MEMORY: The Blue Sweater

I stood before the mirror and studied my reflection. God I hated having to …  read it all here.

sweater 001

Creative Writing 450: Sounds Exercise

 Our instructor played a long recording (about 7 minutes) of a chain of different sounds. We were to listen to them and compose a story using them in the order given. The sounds began and ended with a heartbeat. This is the narrative I came up with.

Sounds .. Lub-dub, lub-dub, lub-dub …


Some More Creative Writing – Poems

I had to write an 8,000-word paper on William Blake by Jan 5.  On the evening of Dec. 29, one week before due-date, our professor sent out an email postponing the due date by a week.



          The Postponement


I should be jumping joy with glee

But feel the air’s knocked out of me;

My heart’s a flutter, knees are weak,

I don’t know where the peace to seek.


What pressure kept me on the straight,

Is gone for he has said ‘Oh wait—

You have one extra week to stew

Before that thing on Blake is due.’




* * * * * * * *




          The Postponed Deadline


The research was done, I was all set to write

And I knew I’d be doing this all through the night.

I’d told all the kids to make do on their own,

From me they’d not get even one chicken bone.


Then I heard a ding!

How that ding made me sing!


I looked and I saw: ‘Roston’s sent you a note.’

That ominous deadline is now more remote.

He’s relented a bit and the weeks now are two

Until that ol’ paper on Blake will be due.


(With apologies to Dr. Seuss)