Dealing with All Those Files Flying Back and Forth

You send me a document. I make changes and send it back. You review it (accepting some changes, making others) and send it back to me. And so on and so forth. How do we keep this all organized?

I like to do it in such a way that in my client’s folder (each client project has its own folder) the most recent version is always at the top of the list by alphabetical order.

I do this as follows:

Naming Files

When I get a file, I “save as”  a name with the following format:

Client/Project-(Section)-Version-Reviewer (date)

  • Client/Project: Will denotes the overall project, in some shortened fashion. E.g.: “Linda-Ckbk,”  or Steven-Educ.
  • Section: In the cases of projects with multiple sections. It  may be something like: “Steven-Educ-Bk1-sec3”    or “Linda-Ckbk-Apt”
  • Version: This will indicate how many “journeys” it has undergone, the first “journey” being from my computer to the author, with my initial corrections.The second will be the journey back (author -> editor), etc. In other words. all documents from my computer will have an odd number.
  • Reviewer: Who made the corrections to this version, denoted by initials.  So we may have “Linda-Ckbk-Dsst-5LY”  or “Steven-Educ-Bk1-sec3-6SA.” A shorter document might look like “Estee-Ethics-2EG” or “Estee-Ethics-5LY.
  • Date: This is optional. Some clients insist. It is the date the file is SENT from the other party.

When you receiving a file from me: SAVE IT and then save it again with a NEW NAME 

  • It is December 22nd. I have just finished my first review of the first section of a cookbook written by you, Ms Client Author. I send you the file called Ckbk-S1-1LY-Dec16. (I received it on the 16th from you, and it took me about a week to edit.)
  • Save it AS IS with that name.
  • Then save it  again, as Coobk-S1-2CA-Dec22 (CA = client author). This is the file you will be working on, accepting corrections that I have made, and adding changes and comments of your own. You finish on Jan. 3 and send me that file.

Returning the file

  • I receive Ckbk-Sec1-2CE-Dec22 file (with your changes/comment review).
  • I save that file as is, and immediately open a new file:  Ckbk-S1-3LY-Jan3, in case I need to make any more changes.
  • (Note: If you forget to change the file name, don’t worry.)
  • If I need to make more changes, you will receive back Ckbk-Sec1-3LY-Jan3, and the process continues.

Hopefully, that will be the last version, but there may be more questions. You never know.


Once you have the file properly named and saved, it is time to review my changes.

Go here to learn about tracking changes

and then go here to learn how to review my changes An easy way to review edited files.


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