Online Dictionaries, Lexicons, etc.

General Sources

Morfix online Hebrew-English-Hebrew

(First, try the reference function of Word. That may be all you need.) Or use your Google toolbar.

Lexicons (more as I find them)

Legal assistance (of terms!) (E H’s favorites)

parliament and legislation terms
legal terms Latin-Hebrew
small legal dectionary
Israeli laws in english
legal citation rules in Hebrew 

Link to Yael Sela-Shapiro’s guide to Lexicons, in Hebrew. (Opens in new tab.)

Mefik Lexicon (H-E) of terms relating to publicity, exhibitions and below-the-line promotion

Lexicon of  Economic Terms in Hebrew (Ynet)

Financial Hebrew Glossary -ynet

Financial Hebrew Glossary – Yediot

Hebrew-to-English financial terms: Maot

Welding terms, Hebrew/English (with diagrams)

Hebrew-to-English medical and pharma terms: Infomed

Hebrew Dictionary and Hebrew-to-English Glossary of Statistics and Research Methods

Energy Hebrew-English dictionary

Useful Hebrew dictionaries from the Institute for the Translation of Hebrew Literature. WOW!!!!

Business software and others:

Free PDF-to-Word converter:

Invoice management software (first month free, 19.99$ per month)..i haven’t used it, it was recommended by another,

online time management software  I downloaded in July 31, 2013 to keep track of time i spend on projects. Excellent software. Makes keeping track of projects easy.

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